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Splendid news from homeland..

November 29, 2007 Posted by Emre S. Tasci

Yesterday, I received great news from my dear former supervisor, Prof. Erkoç, that my Generation and Simulations of Nanostructures of Cage Structures titled Ph.D. thesis has been selected as one of the thesis of the year by METU Mustafa Parlar Foundation, the most distinctive and prestigious award a METU thesis can receive!

I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Erkoç, all my friends and the physics department for the great days I’ve enjoyed for the seven years I was in METU. I will always cherish the memories… I hope, here in my new home S&C/MSE@TUDelft, I will live up to the expectations.

With Prof. Şakir Erkoç sitting in the front row, rest of our team is (from left to right):
O.Barış Malcıoğlu, Hande Üstünel, E. Deniz Çalışır Tekin, Nazım Dugan, Emre S. Taşcı, Rengin Peköz

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